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PH, Taiwan Agree to Cooperate on Dairy Farming, Livestock Raising

The National Dairy Authority (NDA) and the Taiwan Livestock Research Institute (TLRI) signed a non-binding agreement to strengthen their collaboration on agricultural research, particularly dairy farming.

In a statement on Thursday, the NDA said the accord calls for a comprehensive framework to work on facilitating joint research initiatives and the exchange of scientists and researchers.

It will also cover engagement with dairy growers and various stakeholders, cross-border study visits and training programs, and seamless exchange of scientific materials and valuable information.

“This strategic affiliation opens avenues for cross-border learning, enabling us to share insights and best practices with esteemed global partners,” NDA administrator Gabriel Lagamayo said.

Both parties discussed various topics related to their agreement such as climate change adaptation and mitigation, innovative feeding practices and the integration of cutting-edge technology in dairy farming.

The NDA and the TLRI also tackled advancements in robotics, the utilization of bioinformatics and the exploration of genetic enhancements, among others.

“The agreement is founded on the principles of mutual cooperation, with the aim of fostering a friendly and productive partnership that advances research and technology in agriculture,” the agency said.

“These discussions underscore the commitment of both parties to explore, innovate and excel in dairy research and development,” it added.

The NDA has been fortifying international partnerships, specifically on dairy industry research.

Source: Business Inquirer