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Northern Taiwan Beach Installs AI System to Prevent Nighttime Swimming

Keelung City installed an AI monitoring system at Dawulun Beach to ensure visitors do not enter the ocean at night, it was reported on Sunday.

Public access to the water at Dawulun Beach was temporarily suspended after three swimmers drowned in a single day on Aug. 12 due to powerful riptides. In mid-September, the beach was re-opened to the public, but only during the day, reported UDN.

Local residents noticed over the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday weekend that several families were barbequing on the beach at night. This led many to question whether the beach was actually closed to the public or not.

The city clarified that visitors are welcome to enjoy the shore, even at night, but entering the ocean after dark is strictly forbidden. To ensure the safety of beachgoers, the city government is using an AI system to monitor the area, which is equipped with an alarm to alert local authorities.

If a person is found entering the water from the beach or engaging in water activities at night, they will be identified and fined, per UDN. Violators can expect to face fines between NT$10,000 and NT$50,000 (US$300 to US$1,500), in accordance with city safety ordinances.

For visitors who swim during the day, a line of floating buoys 55 meters from shore marks the limit for public access. City officials warned that during the typhoon season, strong winds can rapidly alter water conditions.

Authorities remind visitors to pay attention to wind and storm warnings. Even in calm weather, parents should never let children swim alone.

Source: Taiwan News