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Un Intends to Provide Tajikistan With About $370 Million for Development in the Period 2023-2026

The Government of Tajikistan and the United Nations held an event dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Organization’s presence in the country and a productive partnership.

The event was held with the participation of UN partners, government ministries and departments, the diplomatic corps, international organizations, civil society organizations, the media, activists and UN agencies represented in Tajikistan.

The event highlighted the work of the UN since 1993 to support Tajikistan at various stages of its development. The partners had the opportunity to get acquainted with the photo exhibition “UN in action: 30 years in Tajikistan”.

“30 years of fruitful cooperation with the UN and the active participation of Tajikistan in the activities of its institutions have proved that the Organization and Tajikistan have become reliable partners. We are confident that our country will continue to promote global initiatives in the UN and will strengthen cooperation with all its member countries ” said Farhod Salim, Deputy Foreign Minister of Tajikistan.

UN Resident Coordinator Sezin Sinanoglu stressed in her speech that the UN and Tajikistan have entered a new era

“I am proud that the UN is working hand in hand with the government of the republic and partners to help Tajikistan achieve its national development aspirations. Over the years, the nature of UN cooperation with Tajikistan has also changed, reflecting the needs and priorities of the country. Today we have entered into new era. An era of “cooperation” as opposed to “aid. And what better way to demonstrate this more mature and elevated partnership than the role of Tajikistan in the global water agenda,” she said.

Over the 30 years of its activity in Tajikistan, the UN has contributed to the achievement of peace and development in Tajikistan. Between 2005 and 2022 alone, UN agencies provided more than one billion US dollars in development assistance.

UN program assistance ranges from initial policy development to institutional capacity building and direct service delivery to the population.

As part of a new cooperation agreement between the UN and Tajikistan for 2023-2026, UN agencies intend to provide about $370 million in development funding during this period.

The Republic of Tajikistan became a full member of the UN as a new independent state in 1992. The first UN offices opened in Tajikistan in 1993 were the UN Observer Mission (UNOM) and the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (OHCHR). The activities of UNMOT ensured the advancement of the peace process in Tajikistan, contributed to peacekeeping efforts and provided urgent humanitarian assistance. In May 2000, at the initiative of former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, the United Nations Peacebuilding Office in Tajikistan (UNTOP) was established on the basis of UNMOT.

The UN is currently working with the Republic of Tajikistan under the new Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework for 2023-2026.

The UN supports Tajikistan in achieving national priorities. In the first years after joining the UN, these priorities were mainly related to conflict resolution, mediation, reconciliation and reconstruction.

Today, those priorities are focused on sustainable development, peace and security, and human rights. The Resident Coordinator leads the UN Country Team (UNCT) to ensure that UN support is fully aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as the National Development Strategy 2016-2030.

Source: Asia Plus TJ