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UK Pavilion Showcases Top-quality Products at Food Taipei 2023

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Companies from all over the world have joined the 2023 Food Taipei expo, taking place at Nangang Exhibition Center from June 14 to June 17.

At this year’s exhibition, the United Kingdom has organized a national pavilion for the first time with the assistance of the British Office in Taiwan. Visitors looking for a taste of the U.K. won’t want to miss the delicious teas, stewed meats, and unique cocktails available at the U.K. pavilion.

Jessica Henry, director of the British Office in Taipei, spoke to Taiwan News and said that Taiwan is an important market full of opportunity for British food exporters. This is thanks to Taiwan’s robust economy, high level of income per capita, and a culture that prizes eating out.

At this year’s expo, the British Office partnered with five food manufacturers to showcase the diversity of products available from the U.K. Visitors to this year’s expo will learn there is a lot more to British cuisine than fish and chips.

Henry noted that the brands from the U.K. are well known for their high-quality products and commitment to environmental sustainability.

When it comes to classic English taste, Wittard of Chelsea, founded in 1886, has a long history of providing delicious teas, including its famous Earl Grey, as well as offerings of Taiwanese oolong. Those who prefer more robust flavors will enjoy the company’s incredible selection of cocoa and coffee. Special discounts are available for those visiting on the last day of the expo (June 17).

UK pavilion showcases top-quality products at Food Taipei 2023
Teas available from Wittard and Chelsea. (Taiwan News photo, Keira Chang)

For those looking for something with more punch, Swish Cocktails is also attending this year’s expo. The company offers pre-mixed sparkling cocktails crafted by renowned mixologist Rich Woods. Non-alcoholic drink options are also available.

UK pavilion showcases top-quality products at Food Taipei 2023
Swish Cocktails. (Taiwan News, Keira Chang photo)

Also joining the British Pavilion is the family-owned Dairy Partners, which offers a wide range of incredible cheeses from the U.K., sourced from over 150 British farms.

The U.K.’s Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) is promoting the classic Taiwanese dish of lu rou fan, or braised pork rice, using pork sourced from the U.K., allowing Taiwanese customers the opportunity to try a new spin on an old favorite.

The company Seafood Scotland is showcasing some of the highest quality salmon and clams available anywhere in the world. The company is deeply committed to sustainability in breeding and packaging practices, according to a representative.

Jessica Henry said the British Office and U.K. food manufacturers hope that trade between Taiwan and the U.K. will continue to increase. Events like Food Taipei provide an excellent opportunity for consumers and businesses alike to explore new flavor options and consider new creative approaches to preparing food and beverages.

Source: Taiwan News