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Original British Glue for Submarines, Don’t Care About the Brand, It’s Time to Interview Australia

The British side stated that the “Ocus” alliance formed by the United States, Britain and Australia may further expand! The targets that are planned to be included in the alliance are India and Japan. In this regard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of our country has clearly expressed its dissatisfaction with the United States forming gangs around China and trying to stir up regional tensions! In particular, the first action of the establishment of the “Ocus” alliance was to sell nuclear submarines to Australia, increasing the risk of nuclear proliferation in the Indo-Pacific region.

But in fact, there is nothing to be dissatisfied with. Even if the “Ocus” alliance pulls India and Japan into it, it is also within our expectations! The United States, Japan, India, and Australia have their own “quartet mechanism”, and now at best there is an extra UK. And the United Kingdom is far away in Europe. Before the aircraft carrier battle group went to the Indo-Pacific, the United States and the Netherlands were required to provide carrier-based aircraft and warships to be able to assemble an aircraft carrier battle group!

As far as the current strength of the United Kingdom is concerned, it may be the United Kingdom itself, still immersed in the dream of “the empire on which the sun never sets”! The generals of the U.S. military said that the British Army is no longer considered a top-level combat force, and at most it can barely rank in the second echelon. This is still taking care of the face of the United Kingdom. The UK seems to have two aircraft carriers now, but the condition of these two aircraft carriers, the “water curtain hole” that would appear from time to time, explains a lot of problems!

Britain’s current military strength is not only not ranked in the top five, but Pakistan may try harder to find more warships from China, build more Xiaolong fighters, or buy them after the Liaoning ship is retired. To be overtaken by Pakistan. It is really difficult for such a UK to bring much deterrence to the “Ocus” alliance! Moreover, even if the British military power is not growing fast

Source: Sohu News