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Kim Jong Un Congratulates China on Foundation Anniversary

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un congratulated Chinese President Xi Jinping on Sunday on the 74th anniversary of the country’s founding, in which he praised the leadership of his counterpart and wished for a strengthening of their bilateral relations.

In his message, Kim “warmly congratulated” Xi, the Communist Party of China on the occasion of the anniversary, according to North Korean state news agency KCNA.

“Over the past 10 years, the (party), with you, the general secretary, as the core, has achieved remarkable successes in the cause of party and state building, uniting and inspiring the entire party and people under the banner of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics of the new era,” Kim wrote.

The North Korean leader said in the letter, paraphrased by KCNA, that Pyongyang “rejoices in all the achievements” of Beijing.

“I, together with you, will strive to consolidate and develop friendly relations between (North Korea) and China, which have entered a new historical period,” the North Korean leader said.

North Korea and China have experienced a rapprochement in recent months that has been evident in the invitation to the territory of Chinese government representatives to important commemorative events in Pyongyang, which has recently reopened its borders after years of isolation due to the pandemic. 

Source: La Prensa Latina