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Chinese Scientists Design Solar-powered Temperature Regulating Clothes

A team of Chinese scientists has designed a flexible, self-sustaining solar-powered clothing system that allows the human body to remain within a comfortable temperature range despite fluctuating environmental temperatures.

The clothing system, powered by a flexible solar cell, requires no external energy source except sunlight, according to the study published on Friday in the journal Science.

Unlike previous thermo-regulatory clothing, the wearable platform, developed by the researchers from Nankai University, is capable of both warming up and cooling down, thanks to an electrical device that can realize two-way temperature adjustment all through the day.

The highly efficient device allows for 24-hour controllable temperature regulation with just 12 hours of sunlight energy input, according to the study.

It works to maintain the human skin temperature within a thermal comfort zone of between 32 and 36 Celsius degrees, despite variation in the environmental temperature of between 12.5 and 37.6 Celsius degrees, the study shows.

The new device could help improve the safety and comfort of the human body amid fluctuating environmental temperatures and even extend survivability in extreme environments, like those in outer space or on other planets, the researchers said.

Source: Xinhua