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Chinese Envoy Eyes New Start of China-Australia Ties

China and Australia should not only maintain the steady and positive momentum of bilateral relations, but also go beyond stabilization to promote the continuous improvement and development, as the relations are at an important moment for a new start, Chinse Ambassador to Australia Xiao Qian said on Wednesday.

Xiao made the remarks at the Asia Briefing LIVE 2023 Organized by Asia Society Australia in Melbourne.

Xiao said last year was a year of stability for China-Australia relations. This year is a year of exchanges, dialogue and improvement for China and Australia, said the ambassador, noting that the two countries have seen exchanges and visits in various fields and at various levels, and made positive progress in bilateral ties in 2023.

For the future of China-Australia relations, he shared three expectations.

First, mutual understanding. “China regards Australia as a friend. There is no reason for Australia to see China as a threat,” the Chinese ambassador told the audience.

Second, expansion of practical cooperation. China is Australia’s largest trading partner. The practical cooperation between China and Australia has benefited the two peoples, and the mutually beneficial cooperation also enjoys a promising prospect, Xiao said.

Third, proper handling of differences. The Chinese envoy called on to focus on cooperation, manage differences on the basis of mutual respect, and promote the further improvement and development of bilateral relations, rather than let differences hinder the pace of cooperation.

Source: English News