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China Slams US for ‘arbitrarily’ Arresting, Deporting Chinese Students

China on Monday slammed the US for detaining, interrogating, and deporting its students, three of them upon their arrival, describing the actions as “wanton suppression and persecution motivated by political purposes.” 

Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin made this comment after the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) arrested and charged a Chinese student with “visa fraud”. Three other students were also arrested and questioned upon arrival before being deported.

People-to-people exchanges, including academic and scientific interactions, are critical for China-US relations, Wenbin said at a daily press conference in Beijing, a transcript of which is available on the ministry’s website.

“Through stealing” the Chinese student’s educational application materials, the FBI arrested and filed a lawsuit under the US “so-called” visa fraud charge, he claimed, adding that Customs and Border Protection (CBP) detained, interrogated, and deported three Chinese students upon their entry into the US without evidence or basis.

The US claims to support these exchanges and welcome Chinese students, but its actions reflect a continuation of the previous administration’s approach, involving broadening national security concerns to restrict and impede Chinese students’ educational and research pursuits in the US, he said.

This seriously harms the lawful rights and interests of the Chinese students, and undermines normal people-to-people exchanges and educational cooperation between the two countries, he stressed.

“We urge the US to genuinely welcome Chinese students as it has said, withdraw the biased and discriminatory Proclamation 10043, and stop going after Chinese students in the US in the name of national security.

“China will continue to take necessary measures to defend Chinese citizens’ lawful rights and interests and remind our students heading for the US to be mindful of such risks,” Wang added.

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