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China Focus: China, Vietnam Sow Seeds of Win-win Agricultural Cooperation

Vine grower Nguyen Van Nghiep, from Bac Giang Province in northern Vietnam, proudly talks about his successful cultivation of the Summer Black grape with technical experts from China’s Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, noting how this seedless grape variety commands attention in the region during the month of December.

In 2019, under technical guidance from the academy and Bacgiang Agriculture and Forestry University in Vietnam, Nguyen Van Nghiep utilized 5,000 square meters of his greenhouse for cultivating the Summer Black grape, with the output surpassing that of mesh melons he had previously planted.

“I then used the remaining 1 hectare of land for Summer Black grape cultivation. The grape yield now stands at 8.5 tonnes per season, with top-quality fruit fetching 135,000 VND/kg (approximately 5.56 U.S. dollars/kg),” Nguyen Van Nghiep said.

As early as two decades ago, the scientific and technological accomplishments of the Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences began spreading across ASEAN countries through collaborative projects.

Lyu Ronghua, an expert from the academy, has witnessed the evolving landscape of agricultural cooperation between China and Vietnam. Over the years, Lyu and his colleagues have undertaken numerous visits to agricultural demonstration bases in northern Vietnam, actively contributing to scientific research endeavors.

“At the forefront of China’s opening up and collaboration with ASEAN countries, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has intensified agricultural exchanges and partnerships with ASEAN countries in recent years,” Lyu said.

According to the regional department of agriculture and rural affairs, by the end of 2022, Guangxi had exported over 750 new varieties of high-quality vegetables, rice and other crops to ASEAN countries. Additionally, more than 190 plant and animal species, including rice, fruits, vegetables and fish fry were introduced to Guangxi for cultivation tests and promotion.

In recent years, an increasing number of agricultural enterprises in Guangxi have actively ventured into the ASEAN markets, while there has also been a notable surge in the import of high-quality crop varieties from ASEAN countries to Guangxi.

The giant freshwater prawn, originating from Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries, has gained significant popularity in Guangxi’s major aquatic product markets.

“Guangxi will continue to support enterprises in fostering collaboration with ASEAN countries in areas such as agricultural production, processing and warehousing logistics,” said Zhong Huan, director of the foreign exchange and cooperation office of the regional agriculture and rural affairs department.

“The region will also serve as a bridge for promoting more agricultural products from ASEAN countries in the vast Chinese market,” Zhong added.

Source: Xinhua