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China Calls on Russia, Ukraine to ‘Jointly Deescalate the Situation’

China said Monday that following the US’s announcement that it is sending cluster munitions to Ukraine, all relevant parties must work to “jointly deescalate the situation.” 

“The irresponsible provision of cluster munitions could easily entail humanitarian problems,” said Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning.

Urging all relevant parties to observe international humanitarian law and protect the safety of journalists and other civilians, she said “we hope all parties will work for a political settlement of the Ukraine crisis and jointly deescalate the situation.”

Her remarks come after RIA Novosti journalist Rostislav Zhuravlev was killed in a Ukrainian cluster munitions strike.

Regarding China’s delivery of items to Russia which could be used as military equipment in Ukraine, she said that “China always handles exports of military items in a prudent and responsible manner and acts in strict accordance with domestic laws and regulations and our due international obligations.”

Mao also stressed that “China is neither the one that created the Ukraine crisis nor a party to it. Our position has been objective and just.”

“This stands in sharp contrast with the acts of certain NATO countries that keep adding fuel to the fire.”

“China believes that dialogue and negotiations are the only viable way out for the Ukraine crisis,” she added.

Source: AA