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6 Spectacular Beaches In China In 2022 For A Much-Needed Dose Of Vitamin Sea

The fresh atmosphere, sound and smell of the gorgeous beach will surely help you in a significant manner to reduce your cortisol levels.

1. Yalong Bay – Hainan Island

Yalong Bay in China

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The turquoise waters and white sand beaches are the main highlights of the Yalong Bay Beach. Situated on the south coast of Hainan, you will not be disappointed when you visit this beach. Yalong Bay is also a luxury getaway for a lot of people that boasts of numerous scenic subtropical coasts and beaches. The beach is 7 kilometres long and along the coast, you will find a lot of beach-front hotels.

The entire area is surrounded by many beaches, that is why you can jump to the other if one of them is too crowded for you. The Tianya Haijiao and Wuzhizhou beaches are situated close by and are the hub for water sports like parasailing, jet skiing and deep-sea diving off the highest level. When you are here, don’t forget to try out the delicious Chinese seafood cuisine at the eateries.

Location: Jiyang District, Sanya, Sanya, China
Key Attractions: 
Nanshan Temple, Luhuitou Park, Sanya Romance Park

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2. Beidaihe Scenic Area – Qinhuangdao

Beidaihe Beach in China

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One of the famous beaches in China, the Beidaihe Scenic Area in Qinhuangdao is a favourite place for the residents of Beijing because of the close proximity. The beach features a huge public bathing beach covered in golden coloured sand. It is crowded with tourists because of the tropical climate for the most part of the year.

You can book a cabana and relax under the sun, sipping on to your favourite cocktail mix at one of the beach-front resorts and Cottages. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, then go parasailing or jet skiing in the middle of the ocean. Along with such water activities, one can also enjoy the spectacular bird-watching opportunity in different seasons. From Beijing, the Beidaihe Scenic Area is just 3 hours of train ride away.

Location: China, Hebei, Qinhuangdao, Beidaihe District, Lianfeng Rd, 莲峰北路
Key Attractions: 
Dove Nest Park, Lianfeng Mountain Park, Tiger Stone Park

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3. Golden Sand Beach – Qingdao

Golden Sand Beach in China

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Another china beach that is situated close to the capital city of Beijing, the Golden Sand Beach is a fun place to be in during the summer months. One of the most popular attractions here is the Tsingtao Brewery, which is the second-largest brewery in the Chinese mainland. The beach stretches to more than 3 kilometres in length and you can take a cable car to explore the beautiful beach shoreline.

Other fun and exciting activities that you can engage in this beachside destination include beach aeroplane ride, speed boat ride, water biking and many such watery sports. This is a fun place to be especially when you are travelling with your children. Do try out the delicious cuisine that is mainly based on the Sea cucumber, Abalone and Crab, at local eateries. At one point of time, the ‘Cultural and Tourism Festival’ is also held at the Golden Sand Beach.

Location: China, Shandong, Qingdao, Xihai’an, Jinshatan Rd, 青岛开发区薛家岛街道办事处金沙滩
Key Attractions: 
Qingdao Beer Museum, Taiqing Palace, Underwater World

4. Gulangyu Island Beach – Xiamen

Gulangyu Island Beach Xiamen in China

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A UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of the best beaches in China, the Gulangyu Island Beach is the destination you should be heading for this year. Keep in mind that you will need to walk your way to the beach after travelling in a vehicle at a certain point. This is done to preserve the natural aura of the place and to curb pollution. The island is teeming with several historical sites, colonial-era buildings, art galleries and the famous Piano Museum. This ‘Pedestrian-only’ island is blessed by a subtropical climate and lush landscapes. Whether you want to relax under a palm tree or participate in water sports, the Gulangyu Island Beach is the perfect place for enjoying a few days amidst the sea beach.

Location: Siming District, Xiamen, China
Key Attractions: 
South Putuo Temple, Zhongshan Park (South Gate)

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5. Hundred Step Beach – Putuoshan

putuoshan island

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150 km south of the city of Shanghai, the Hundred Step Beach is one of the best sea beaches in China. It is located on the holy island of Putuoshan. The island is dedicated to Guanyin, the Buddhist goddess and is one of the 4 sacred mountains. The island is packed with religious temples, pagodas, and several other holy structures. The lush vegetation and flourishing fauna of this island will provide you with an air of freshness. The Hundred Step Beach has gentle waters, beside which you can relax under the sun and enjoy a sip of coconut water. The golden sands, beautiful sunsets, and the tranquil atmosphere all around makes it the best china beach. The religious surroundings give you an auspicious feel at all times and it is a must visit place for all beach lovers who are looking for spiritual peace.

Key Attractions: Hundred Step Falls, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

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6. Gulangyu Island Beach

Gulangyu Island Beach in China

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The Gulangyu Island has been a hotspot for colonial activities since the First Opium War (1840 – 1842) in China. That is why from the moment you arrive at this beach island you will witness several colonial-styled buildings and architecture. The island is also known as the “Island of Pianos” because there are more than 600 pianos scattered across the area. This is an island of leisure. You can walk across the vast expanse of golden sand beaches, or relax by the sea. Don’t expect an extravagant and luxurious holiday here, but a simple and soul-soothing getaway. Rejuvenate your mind and release all the stress by going for a peaceful boat ride into the middle of the sea. Also, don’t forget to try the local seafood here. If you are tired of your daily life, then Gulangyu Island Beach is the perfect destination for you.

Location: Siming District, Xiamen, China
Key Attractions: 
South Putuo Temple, Gulangyu Organ Museum, Gulangyu Wharf