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Fuzhou Recruits Taiwan Lecturers for Environmental Protection

Four young Taiwan people were recruited as the first members of a group of environmental protection volunteering lecturers this week during a symposium held in Fuzhou, Fujian province.

Chen Hsiao-ting, one of the recruited volunteers, said she wanted to make changes in communities through cooperation. During the National Day holiday, Chen and her friends sent informational handbooks to passersby at a park. She said they plan to do more activities such as environmental roadshows, make art and develop cultural goods at local communities, shopping malls and parks. They expect to integrate the concept of environmental protection with Fuzhou’s intangible cultural heritage.

Volunteer Wu Shen-hua used to help in epidemic control work and teach children about how to recycle household waste.

“Conducting such activities is very meaningful. Diverse forms of environmental outreach can educate the next generation and foster in children an awareness of environmental conservation, making our home a better place,” Wu said.

At the symposium, youngsters from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan told stories about how they protect the environment. There was also a Q&A session to create more fun.

Source: China Daily