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Beijing Accuses US of Labeling Chinese Military Aircraft Activities ‘risky’

China’s defense ministry has hit back after the US Defense Department expressed strong concerns about “coercive and risky activities” by Chinse military aircraft over the East China Sea and elsewhere.

The Defense Department on Tuesday released images and videos showing Chinese military aircraft repeatedly flying dangerously close to US military planes in international airspace in the East and South China sea regions.

A spokesperson for the Chinese defense ministry issued a statement on Friday, saying the United States is attacking and smearing China by hyping the non-existent “Chinese military threat.”

He said China firmly opposes the move by US defense officials and has lodged a protest.

The statement noted that the root cause of the issue lies in “provocative and hostile acts” by US warships and fighter jets at “China’s doorstep,” forcing China to take necessary countermeasures.

The spokesperson called the US side a “provocateur.”

Washington and Beijing have been at odds over areas around Taiwan. Last week, the US Navy flew patrol aircraft through the Taiwan Strait. The Chinese military reacted sharply to the move.

Source: NHK World